Greeks In Foreign Cockpits

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Hellenic Parentage Fighter Pilots during WW2 Vol.1
The combat history of the Royal Hellenic Air Force during WWII is not so well known as that of the other branches of the Greek Army and Navy. The stories of the many Greek parentage background pilots that served with the Allied Air Forces, RAF, and USAAF remains completely undocumented albeit a few exceptions. This book documents for the first time in Greek bibliography the service record of ten fighter pilots who honored not only the country that they were born at but also the birthplace of their ancestors, retaining full knowledge of their Greek background. The authors aim that this first volume is only the beginning of what would become a complete roll of honor, of all the heroes that remain unlisted from the modern history of Greece. Hopefully, the service of these pilots would inspire the younger generations, and especially all the current and future Hellenic Air Force pilots.