Fighter Pilots

Fighter pilots: Probably the most famous clan between flight crews. They shoot down enemy fighters and bombers and get all the fame. Usually they.....

Bomber Pilots & Copilots

Τhe Bomber ‘Boys’ were always the pilots who were proud for their works results. And of course they always were in direct confrontation with the Fighter guys. No wonder why.....


Bombardiers & Navigators

Bombardiers and navigators were also officers in a bomber crew, besides the pilot and copilot. Needless to say that their duty was......

Gunners & Special Operators

Gunners were the lowest rank crew of a bomber but they had an important task to fulfill. The defense of the bomber against enemy air attacks was lay on them. “Trapped” inside.....

Grimes 11

Naval Flight Officers / Weapons Systems Officers

Mission Commanders

A Weapon Systems Officer (WSO, or "wizzo” as a common nickname ) is an air flight officer directly involved in all air operations regarding weapons and radar systems of a multi-crew military aircraft. Because of a variety of their duties in our days are known as a combat systems officer (or CSO) who