Meet our support team

Bertrand Brown

Aviation Illustrator

Bertrand Brown with the artistic nickname 'Gaetan Marie', was born in France in 1981 and gained interest in flying performance from the young age. The learning of artistic imagery has been shifted from traditional form to paper, to high-quality digital artistic depictions in 2005 and meanwhile. Very often they work with their veteran pilots and their relatives, active and retired aircraft operators, as well as with aviation ideas around the world. He is the profiles for 'Greeks in Foreign Cockpits' Volumes as well as the website. He also made the profiles for the well know series of books, entitled as 'SQUADRONS', by Phil H. Listemann, Blood, Sweat and Courage – No.41 Squadron, RAF 1939-1942, written by Steve Brew, Combat Vet P-51 – The History of Sierra Sue II, World War II Survivor by Charles Cravens and many aviation history magazines like, Le Fana de l’Aviation, Historia.

Anastasios Polichronis

Aviation Illustrator

Anastasios Polychronis was born in 1971 in Germany and he is active in Frankfurt, Mainz, Germany. For ten years he worked as a graphic designer in Thessaloniki, his place of origin. His great love for aircraft and aviation idea began ten years ago, creating airborne digital representations, modifying screenshots from aircraft simulators to PCs, using Photoshop. With the acquisition of experience, he entered the world of three-dimensional (3D) creation, using programs such as Lightwave and Cinema4D. He has produced many illustrations for books and magazines by well-known publishing companies such as Kagero Publishing, plastic models such as TanModels, and many illustrations for personal collections.

Global Military Research, LLC

Professional Researcher

Global Military Research, LLC is an American military record research company. We research archived military records at the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration, all American service branch libraries and research centers, U.S. Presidential Libraries as well as the UK National Archives in London and the Bundesarchiv in Germany. We specialize in military archives including personnel records, unit records, and histories, after action reports, military journals, maps, and photographs from WWI through the Vietnam War. Our clients include Veterans and their families, Authors, Screenwriters, Film Production Companies, Historians, Universities and the general public.

Donald Mounts - Owner

Georgios Moris

Aviation Artist

Moris Georgios was born in 1981 in Lamia, Greece. He graduated from Bologna Fine Arts Academy (Painting Direction) and at the same time he attended a three years course at the Drama-Art-Music Studies (DAMS) University of the same city. Since 2008 he has been working as a supplementary Teacher of Fine Arts in state schools and at a family mosaic workshop. The engagement with airplanes began at a very young age, through modeling, and computer simulations. The deep interest in aircraft modelling and his profession in the art of painting, lead him to get involved with Aviation Art as a creative way to combine his hobby with work and simulate a flight reality through art. He began tentatively to paint aircraft with markers and pencils, and in 2004 he did his first carefully made and detailed work. Since 2013, this engagement became more intensive and methodical. Being a great fan of Aviation history, he combines research with painting, with a special purpose to salvage this history. It takes a great effort to be accurate and detailed both in the depiction of the object and in the historical context in which it is placed. The techniques and materials used are: watercolor, engraving-etching, graphite pencils, color pencils, acrylics and oil on canvas.

Markos Danezis

Colorized Photos Expert

Markos Danezis was born in 1969 in Petroupolis, Athens. His engagement in aeronautics began with plastic modeling. Surrendering to air history and research, as a scourge of the construction of his models, and studying the black and white photographs, he wanted to see them through the eyes of the protagonists of the time. Self-taught, and with the use of modern photo editing programs, he managed to give life back to old, faded pictures, working as a "time machine" transferring their viewer to the past! Apart from the strenuous work involved in painting a photo, an essential ingredient is historical knowledge and research, elements that Marcos Danezis had anyway. His works have been presented in many aviation publications.

Antonis Karidis

Aviation Illustrator

Antonis Karidis was born in 1986 and lives and works in Corfu. He is a computer technician and a small airplane trainer / engineer. He is actively engaged in programming and 3D applications, as well as modeling and air sports such as Microlights / Paragliders / Parapente. He is the creator of many of the digital - photorealistic scenes shown in the two volumes of ‘GREEKS IN FOREIGHN COCKPITS, in Appendix II. His love for aviation coupled with his excellent skills in creating 3D models created a unique result that, together with Bertrand Brown's profiles, unprecedented quality in the field of Greek aviation publishing. Antonis is also a major partner of well-known publishers such as Kagero, Key Publishing (Flypast & Battle of Britain Magazines) and Clausewitz Magazine, as well as illustrator for plastic models companies such as Rubicon, RS Models and Cooper State Models. He is also illustrating many PC-Games covers.

George Santamouris

Aviation Illustrator

George Santamouris was born in 1978 in Ambelokipous, Athens. His passion on aviation began from his early age when he attempt to draw his first drawings using pencil and aircraft posters. He continued his hobby with persistence although he had to stop because of his limited time.. However, his love and passion for drawing airplanes was a still burning fire and with the help of the people of a group of talented aviation artists he restart his effort after 3 years. George, through everyday practice, managed to introduce a unique style of his own, which is characterized by comic (black and white) and tribal kind of drawings. By using his free hand drawing experience along with digital paint tools, he can produce various aviation themes, which can be used not strictly as wall paintings but also as wallpapers, as t-shirt drawings and mugs wrap-around. The need to promote his work led George to create a Facebook page were everyone can admire and order his work. His first official work in the publishing field presented in the second volume of "GREEKS IN FOREIGN COCKPITS".