Greeks In Foreign Cockpits

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The wartime Allied air forces were peppered with American aircrew of Greek heritage whose parents had turned to the U.S. during hard economic times. The RAF was a great melting pot of nationalities. The U.S. forces were the pin-up for economic immigration. The authors have recognized the lack of detailed research on the aircrew of Greek parentage. This first volume looks at ten pilots who served with the RAF and USAAF between 1940 and 1945. Eight flew over Europe and two in the South Pacific. Three were killed and one died in the Greek Civil War. The biographies range from eleven pages for Frank Zavakos to 63 for the well known, and recently passed, ‘Steve’ Pisanos. Nicely reproduced photos abound, and it is clear the authors strived to include as much pre-war life as they could for each man. The captions for the photos are in Greek and English, and this is the majority of English text found in the book. What is abundantly clear from the captions, however, is the detail that would put many English language books to shame. There is great work being done in the area of W.W.II aircrew research, and it is certainly not limited to the English-speaking world or, to be more accurate, the results are not just seen in English language publications. The mind boggles at what else is out there. This 330-page hardback is one of the most important aircrew books to have been published in recent years. (reviewer: Andy Wright) Demetrius Vassilopoulos et al, £35.99 plus p&p, Eagle Aviation,
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