Dear friends...we are finally on line!

After four months we finally managed to upload it on the net. Our good friend and partner, Bertrand Brown, designed our internet page and we hope that you will enjoy it. Here we will upload short biographies of Greek parentage pilots and crews who flew and fought from WW1 till our present days. We will include fighter and bomber pilots, navigators, bombardiers, gunners etc. We have hundreds of men to present and we need more than one lifetimes in order to present them in our books. So this webpage will have information about men for whom neither we have not much information nor much time to proceed to deep research because of other priorities. For the beginning we present some of the pilots covered in our two books and as a preview of things to come, a short story of a South African Greek who was killed in action during his first mission in Korea, 2nd Lt. Critton Pappas. As you will see the site is in English language, in order to be more friendly to our English speaking friends, who follow our research or find the subject interesting. Also we will include prototype profiles and art inside our website which we don’t have problem for everyone to use publicly, as long as he gives the appropriate credit to the source, either our webpage, either the source which is written in the captions. Many talented artists and collectors helped us and it would be unfair not to be mentioned by anyone who would like to use their work. We hope that you will enjoy our webpage as we do.

Greetings from the ‘GREEKS IN FOREIGN COCKPITS’ team!

Note: Logo designed by Bertrand Brown, artwork of Richard Demetriadi Hurricane in flight by Antonis Karydis.