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Paul Lambrides

Paul David Lambrides was born in 1933 in Maryland. He was the son of John Lambrides from Asia Minor and Elizabeth Lambrides. He Commissioned as "Distinguished Graduate" from ROTC (University of Maryland) on June 9, 1956, and called to active duty on September 8, 1956. During 1958-59 he served with 50th Tactical Fighter Wing, based in Toul-Rosieres, France as an F-100 pilot. From 1659-61 the Wing moved to Hahn AB, Germany and Lambrides became an Instrument school instructor. During his stay in Germany, he flew the F-100 in (statistically), the worst flying weather in the world. His next assignment was in 401th Tactical Fighter Wing in England AFB, LA for the next 4 years between 1961-65. The role of the wing was primary CASAF Alert and Nuclear Alert Rotational Squadrons. The Greek American pilot was alerted for the Berlin crisis in 1961, the Cuban crisis in 1962, and Vietnam in 1963. The 401st TFW was the first USAF unit to...

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Charles Badavas

Charles Badavas was born on February 6, 1921, in Newburyport, MA from Greek parents. His father Athanasios Badavas was from Megalopolis, in Arcadia district and along with his wife Maria, also from Peloponnesus, immigrated to the United States few months after their marriage, seeking for a better life. According to Ellis island archives they entered in the United States on November 18, 1912 along with their first born daughter, Bessie, who was only nine months old. Athanasios changed his name to Arthur or Athas and began working as a grocery man, before he opened his own grocery store in pursuit of his American Dream. The couple created a big happy family with three more children following Bessie (1912), all of them boys. First was Percy (1917), followed by Peter (1919) and Charles (1921). Charles enlist your the USAAF on February 1943 and completed his training 9 months later on November 1943. He was named 2nd lieutenant (O-817871) gaining his silver wings. Until May 1944...

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