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Bentwaters Aviation Society Meeting Book Presentation 14th Dec 2017-0009...

During our research for the top Greek Ace, John Agorastos Plagis, we tried to contact various individuals researchers, as well as museums. Knowing that John Plagis, became one of the two Acting Flying Wing Commanders in Bentwaters Wing during the opening months of 1945, we tried to establish a connection with the museum located there. Unfortunately, the Museum named as ‘Bentwaters Cold War Museum’ or BCWM, and as such, they couldn’t provide us with information regarding the WW2 History. However, these fine gentlemen, namely Andrew Horex and Simon Gladas, running the BCWM, proved more than willing to help us in our project and also to know more about the Bentwaters WW2 history and the famous Greek Wg.Cdr. Needless to mention that we donate a copy of our B’ Volume to the museum for all they have done for us and most important for their ethical support!

These days we also gathered all the information we have about Bentwaters in WW2, especially Operations Record Books of Bentwaters Wing as well as Plagis Logbook extracts from that period and mailed them for the museum archives. The BCWM regularly organize sessions for its members and enthusiasts, covering many subjects concerning its Cold War history. To our surprise, Simon Cladas honored us by presenting the book to their members and sent us pictures from their meeting!

We encourage our followers to take a view of their lovely website, and for the lucky ones, to visit.

UK, Mustang Mk III, KH479, SK-B, John Plagis, No 165 Squadron, early 1945
Before John Plagis was assigned a personal Mustang Mk.III to lead the Bentwaters Wing over Germany, escorting RAF Bombers, he flew four missions using this No. 165 Squadron Mustang Μk.III (SK-B/ΚΗ479). Plagis qualified on type on December 12, 1944, while flying with No. 126 Squadron. Until his promotion to Wing Commander, he had 6 1/2 hours flying North American’s fighter. (Copyright Gaetan Marie)
The wing and squadron commanders of the Bentwaters Wing, several of them established aces, gather for a photograph in early 1945. Even though the conflict in Europe was in its final stage, sadly, not all of these men would survive the war. They are, from left to right, Sqn Ldr Tony Drew (CO of No 118 Sqn ), Sqn Ldr Barry Gale (CO of No 165 Sqn), Sqn Ldr Peter Thompson (CO of No 129 Sqn), Wg Cdr Johnny Plagis (Bentwaters Wing leader), Wg Cdr Mike Donnet (Andrews Field wing leader), Sqn Ldr ‘Jas’ Storrar (No 234 Sqn CO), Sqn Ldr R E Green (No 64 Sqn CO) and Maj Arne Austeen. (D.Vassilopoulos Collection via Jill Plagis, caption by Andrew Thomas)
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