Peter Tsouprake was born on February 4, 1928, in New Bedford, Massachusetts. He was the son of a Greek parentage couple, Charles and Irene Leoutsakos-Tsouprake. Charles (Kyriakos) and Irene (Eirene) were both from Mani Peloponnese and most probably the family name was actually Tsuprakos. The couple emigrated from Greece separately at the turn of the century and married in New Bedford, MA where they had 7 children, two daughters, and five sons. Peter was the last born and the youngest child. Peter was active in the ROTC at New Bedford High School and was voted Most Military in his high school class. Eager to join all six of his elder brothers and sisters in serving his nation, at age 17 he forged his father’s signature on his U.S. Army enlistment form, and joined the U.S. Army in December 27, 1945. He traveled to North Dakota, where he served as a Weather Forecaster before leaving active duty on November 15, 1948. Peter then attended Brown University, and upon...

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