Lt. Antony E. Ladas was born on December 16, 1922 and he was the first born son of the Greek immigrant from Tenedos Island in the Aegean, Ernest A. Ladas. Ernest came in the United States in 1907. His wife was Nellie Clough Ladas and the couple had also three girls, Helen, την Cynthia και την Crysanthy. After his training and promoted to 2nd Lt. Antony (O-810522) he was posted in England and served with the 9TH Air Force, 363rd Fighter (Bomber) Group, 382nd Fighter (Bomber) Squadron. He arrived in the squadron on February 5, 1944 and soon began flying escort and ground attack missions over Northwest Europe. He was killed in action on May 28, 1944. While flying an bomber escort mission to Frankfurt, Germany, Anthony’s fighter, a P-51B-10, #42-106486, had collided with the P-47D #42-26016 which was flown by Captain Juchheim , a well known ace of the 78th FG. More details were given in the Missing Air Crew Report 5138, specifically the statement of 1st Lt John R. Brown, Jr.,( O-795905) of the same flight, dated 30 May 1944: 

“On May 28, 1944, Lt Ladas was flying #4 position in my flight. The mission was escort of heavy bombers to Frankfurt Germany.

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