During WWII, the Greek community of Rhodesia contributed with its youth to the struggle for freedom. Between them the greatest Greek ace, John Plagis, Panicos Theodosiou, and many more young people. Among the young pilots who were trained in Rhodesia in early 1941, was the 20-year-old Sergeant Paul Markides, a native of Queensdale, Bulawayo. His parents were George Paul Markides from Cyprus and Jane Josephine. Markides and Theodosiou already knew each other very well, as the father of the first and the mother of the latter were brother and sister. After his advanced training in Harvards in July 1941, he was ordered for training in multi-engine airplanes, in No.23 SFTS equipped with Oxfords, flying from Heany Air Station, near Bulawayo. This School was founded at that time under the command of Group Captain French. It is the same School, where the Greek volunteers of the Royal Hellenic Air Force (RHAF) were sent in the summer of 1942, known as the Greek School of Twin-Engine Airplanes. Graduating as a multi-engined airplane pilot in August 1941, Sergeant Markides transferred to...


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