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One of the most intrigued pilot careers of Greek Americans is the one of Terry Pappas. We can definitely say that he is the fastest Greek heritage pilot in history, as he was privileged to fly the marvelous SR-71 Blackbird. During our communication with him wrote to us about his family history.

“My grandfather, Nikos Papapostolou Pappas was from Petrona, a small community above Agrinio in the region of Aetolokarnania. From Athens, you take the highway towards Patras and turn onto the new bridge call Rio Antirio towards Agrinio and.......


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Andrew Anzanos story is a great one. A fearless gunner, serving in the 8th AF Bomber Command, flying over Europe in his B-17 and defending it from the enemy attacks from his upper turret twin 0,50''s. After the war, he became an aeronautical engineer, he obtained his pilot license and later worked for McDonnell Douglas in various aircraft and space programs. Our team was lucky to be in touch with him many years ago. Unfortunately that time we were just researching as we didn't have the resources to have either a website or writing books. Now its time to honor him. We are very proud that we had a chance to exchange emails and learn more about him. Andrew was able to publish a book with his memoirs, entitled as 'My Combat Diary with 'Liberty Bell-E' - Eight Air Force B-17, 390th Bomb Group'. His biography was copied by his book (which were happy to get a signed copy by himself), while we added some further info, especially for his Greek heritage as he wrote it in a letter to George Chalkiadopoulos. Andrew Anzanos was born of Greek immigrant parents on Feb.22, 1924 in Gary, Indiana.........


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Can you imagine a 19 years old man, navigating a B-17 Flying Fortress, heavy bomber? How did this young Greek - American airman felt when he lost his leg during his fourth mission from German anti-aircraft fire? War is cruel but from the war ashes, great men born. Men righteously called as being members of the GREATEST GENERATION. One such man is also George Nicolau, 93 years old today. His story will be the opening story for the Bombardiers - Navigators subpage. More to follow.

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Having come in for the good concerning the writing of the Volume 'C' of 'GREEKS IN FOREIGN COCKPITS', it is time to start slowly unveiling its contents. As you probably understand from the photo, the first pilot who will be covered within its pages is none other than the famous Jim Verinis, Co-Pilot of 'Memphis Belle' and Captain of 'Connecticut Yankee' B-17s. The authors have been in touch with the famous pilot's family for many months now and keep receiving a wealth of personal and career information that will be presented for the first time in Greek as well as international literature.

Given the opportunity of officially unveiling the refurbished 'Memphis Belle' at the National Museum of US Air Force, at Wright-Patterson AFB, James children not only attended the event, but they also had a huge surprise for us. In the photograph, Jim Verinis' son, Jim Verinis Jr, holding the Volume 'A' of our series in his hands, having as a background the famous B-17. It is a great honor for us since even in such a way, a part of us attended the event, even though, mentally and through the dozens of articles published, it was as if we had attended the exhibit ourselves. However, the honor is even greater, since the Verinis family, in particular, the brothers Jim and Steven and Verinis granddaughter, Arielle, trusted us and embraced our effort to honor this great Greek-American in Greece, his ancestor's birthplace. We hope that we will be worthy of their expectations.

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Today we are very honored to present to our site, one of our best friends in the net. Achilles Kozakis, was an Emerson turret nose gunner, flying with 451st BG B-24 Liberators of the 15th AF. He is a proud man, born American, with Greek blood, a truly a remarkable personality. If you didn't make him a friends request, so far, do it know. You will be surprised by his spirit and his will to pass his experiences to the new generations. As Achi usually says, we wish all of you "Sto Kalo” (Farewell in Greek). Thank you for your service sir.

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As promised we are starting to add more airmen of Greek parentage, not only pilots, who flew during WW2 and other conflicts. Today we present you a short story of a Greek American ball turret gunner who flew 26 missions with 390th BG, B-17s and acted as a co-pilot when their bomber severely damaged and half of the crew bailed out under captains orders. He chooses to stay and helped him to split-s their bomber in order to put out the engine fire through the dive. They were lucky to live and fight again over Europe. You can read more about his story at the following link:

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We would like to inform our friends outside Greece that our second volume is available from one of the most wellknown bookstores worldwide, THE AVIATION-BOOKSHOP. We would like to thanks Simon Watson for his trust and we urge you to buy from his bookstore as its cost effective for those living in Europe and US. We will also update our eshop page in our website. We hope that with Simons help we will give a better option for our friends in Europe and US.

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Do you want to know about our bigining and our passion for aviation history?

Just click read on the interview one of our researchers, Dimitrios Vassilopoulos, gave to Pierre Kosmidis, owner of the 

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Dear friends, we added Theodore Lambros, short biography in Fighter Pilots section. With him, we finally presented all the pilots covered in our two volumes and from now on new biographies will be added covering not only pilots but bombardiers, navigators, and gunners. As you will soon discover this website will not act as an advertisement for our book but will supplement them. More photos from unknown airmen of Greek heritage as well as unique profiles of the planes they flew will be added. Our aim is to create a place where every Hellenic Parentage airmen can be easily found here, in a big database. We hope that you will enjoy our new venture!

Photo: Greeksinforeigncockpits via Lambros family, colorized by Markos Danezis

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Dear friends we added John Agorastos Plagis, short biography in Fighter Pilots section. The unique feature of this biography is that except two very small paragraphs in the begging and the end, the text was written by him, in a letter we have the honor to posses in our collection. Visit his subpage in the following link and take a look in some great photos and profiles while serving with the No. 64 Squadron. Our team believes that while reading the profiles caption many things about his personal Spitfires during his duty with the No. 64 Squadron will be clarified....enjoy.

Photo: Greeksinforeigncockpits via Jill Plagis, colorized by Markos Danezis


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